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Italian fashion wholesale B2B marketplace

Italian fashion wholesale B2B marketplace

Anyone in the fashion industry knows that, when you’re looking for the best in textiles and fashion, Italy is the place to go. In Italy however they know something more; that Italian Moda is the very best fashion wholesale B2B marketplace in the country, with the best in wholesale fashions and textiles that are “Made in Italy”.

Italian fashion wholesale B2B marketplace
B2B marketplace of Italian factories and brands of clothing, shoes, bags,  accessories and jewels Made in Italy.

First and foremost Italian Moda is hands-down the best website for finding suppliers of practically anything that you might need as far as fashion, home goods, textiles and accessories.  They have fabulous textiles and the latest in clothing trends but they also can help you find suppliers for home textiles including bath linens and curtains, fabrics that you can use in your apparel designs and furnishings, a wide range of jewelry including pearls, gold and costume jewelry and an even better assortment of leather goods from belts to handbags and leather supplies.

Finding a supplier is really easy using the Moda Advisor Wizard. You simply input what you’re looking for and you’ll get a customized search that will lead you to wholesalers, private label and even agents.

Even better, Italian Moda can help you to become a distributor or set up your own franchise. If you’re keen on representing an Italian company for your “brick-and-mortar” or online store, they have all the details and can help you contact companies, find online catalogs and even find wholesale suppliers for anything that you can imagine.

Most people have many questions before they decide to become a distributor or franchisor for any company and Italian Moda know this. That’s why they have their Showrooms online to help you look at background profiles, target markets and the product range of any company that they represent. They also give you the information you need to get in touch with these companies using an easy contact form as well as an information request form that they have online.

Looking for products that you can sell in your online store at a bargain? No problem at all with Moda Bargains. You can take a look at a huge inventory of discounted stock lots right on their website and start your store at bargain basement prices with some of the best designs that Italy has offer.

Last but not least this fashion wholesale B2B marketplace offers you a wide variety of videos from Italian fashion companies so that you can easily find and select products as well as contact these companies too. Once you’re a member all of this information is free to use at any time you like.

If you’ve always imagined selling quality Italian fashion products, home goods and accessories in your brick-and-mortar or online store, there’s just no beating Italian Moda. Do yourself a favor and visit the fashion wholesale B2B marketplace today to get an eyeful of their wide variety of fabulous Italian Made products.

Find manufacturers worldwide

Manufacturers is an USA-based global trade platform used to connect qualified buyers  and manufacturers in the competitive world of the B2B.  Unlike other similar Asian-based trade platforms which focus mainly on the individual seller, provides equal support and safe trading practices for the buyer as well.  It is a manufacturing, export, and wholesale platform, connecting business owners from all facets of industry.

Find manufacturers from across the world.

The site has many valuable features that help businesses buy and sell their products.  Videos can be easily posted on the site by members, showcasing their products and services in the best possible light.  Buyers can sign up to receive instant message alerts of potential products being offered by other members which might appeal to their business.  And members can also pose questions to the community in the included forum area, receiving immediate feedback and instantaneous advice on any number of topics and issues.

For manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters with ready-to-sell products who are looking to attract major retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, or Costco, the administrative team from this wholesale platform and global trade website can facilitate key introductions with these chain store managers and purchasing agents. can even help to arrange introductions to other major factories and manufacturers abroad, helping to ensure effective communication between cultural barriers and differing languages. is the perfect B2B Marketplace for exporters and importers.

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Esources – the largest wholesale directory in UK

Wholesale directory

Are you searching for the best wholesale directory in the United Kingdom? One that offers you a business directory loaded with businesses, suppliers and outlets ready to do business with you? How about a wholesale trade directory that has more products than you could ever possibly sell?

Wholesale directory
Find manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and dropshippers in UK.

If that’s what you’re looking for, E-Sources is the website you want to point your browser to. E-Sources is the United Kingdom’s best B2B trading portal and literally the largest wholesale directory of UK wholesale distributors, suppliers and products in the entire country.

With E-Sources you can browse a huge list of wholesale products, talk to importers and distributors, and get wholesalers to fill your orders. You can also email suppliers directly to find out what they can offer you as far as products, pricing and so forth.

And when I say that E-Sources has everything, I mean EVERYTHING!  From apparel and clothing to jewelry, watches, computers and software, sports supplies, electrical and lighting, home supplies, industrial materials, food and beverages, building supplies and the list goes on and on.

If you’re looking for a wide range of Resources, E – Sources has them too, including giving you access to hundreds of auction houses, trade related articles and even a market research Wizard to find out if a product you’re considering selling has the revenue-producing potential that you’re looking for.

They have both basic and premium memberships but I would highly recommend the Premium Buyer Membership because , simply put, there are so many benefits to being a premium member that it would take me two pages to list them all here.

We’re talking about unlimited e-commerce websites with free hosting, market research reports, compositions and supplier directories with search, the ability to track clicks and also link back to your website and much, much more. You also get an eBay business handbook entitled How to Succeed on eBay! For the money, it’s an excellent deal!

E-Sources also has something called Trade Pass Suppliers. When you’re a Premium Member, you can contact these premium suppliers individually, or in bulk, and you also get access to their latest wholesale offers, free training courses and free email updates about all of the new offers that come out every week.

So if you’re looking for the very best B2B trading portal and Britain, there’s really no need to look anywhere else besides E – Sources. The simply have it all.



Retailers and Brands meet each other on – Ecommerce site for Fashion Wholesale

The fashion industry has taken a turn for the better in recent years and in this revolution, the contribution of NuOrder cannot be overlooked. NuORDER has brought a revolution in the fashion industry with its innovative and pioneering marketplace and two-way sales solution, which enable people to run their wholesale business on web-based platform. This e-commerce site puts a curb on the use of pen or paper, as the platform gives brands an opportunity to have better sales in relatively less time and helps retailers to kick off purchases more efficiently. In a few words, NuORDER is an ecommerce platform for wholesale.

An overview of NuOrder

Heath Wells together with Olivia Skuza laid down the foundation of NuORDER as a leading digital solution for wholesale businesses. At present, the leading fashion brands and more than 70,000 retailers across the world utilize this ground-breaking software and help them acquire assistance from a large-scale network of style icons and the kingmaker of venture entrepreneur.

A digital wholesale solution for all

With right retailers and best brands of the world on one platform, NuORDER can definitely take the fashion wholesale to a completely new level. Eliminating the use of pen and paper, all you need to have is an access to internet either on desktop or on mobile. As a B2B marketplace for the existing and new accounts, entire sales process can be performed online on NuORDER ranging from orders o product catalogues and custom line sheets to inventory. NuORDER adds to the effectiveness of sales by minimizing the mistakes on any order and lessening the time taken to accomplish all sales activity.  Independent research confirmed an increase of 17.6% in sales after a number of brands moved to NuORDER.

A hub of both retailers and brands

NuORDER is a 2-ways marketplace providing 1) retailers with a chance to look for right brands and 2) brands an opportunity to settle on right retailers. The foremost purpose of NuORDER Inc. behind launching an online trading portal was to enable retailer to find and buy right products and hundreds of accomplished suppliers just by looking at the images.

As of now, over 70,000 retailers and 200 brands use NuOrder for buying and selling. Not only this, the marketplace has until now processed sales of over 1.35 million products.

At NuORDER, both sellers and buyers are given the autonomy to share the information through web portal and apps. This will, in turn, help brand manufacturer identify the retailers in the quest of its products.

Mobile app to boost sales

NuORDER is one of a king when it comes to providing an enterprise ready platform that is feature-rich and flaunts an eye-popping fashion-forward interface. With the inception of NuORDER’s offline iPad app, retailers can place orders easily and brands can create custom line sheets and revise inventory quickly. The app has made it easy to conduct business anywhere and anytime. The technology works wonders for both large and small businesses, as its payment is accepted in any currency and help businesses put together back-of-house systems of users.




Find manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers on TopTenWholesale

Nowadays shopping online via internet has become trend and what is better than seeking desired products in lesser prices than normal. This is where the need to find exporters and wholesalers emerge quite prominently so that you can avail different options at economical rates. In order to help you locate the right solution for your quest TopTenWholesale is providing it’s highly sought after and profoundly beneficial services, quite scrupulously.

B2B marketplace TopTenWholesale provides you the finest experience in accessing the quality goods at very competitive, wholesale prices. More so, suppliers, exporters are given the platform that will not only provide them with global exposure but also helps in bringing in more customers and hence, opening the huge array of possibilities in front of them. Various items like bags, shoes, fashion accessories, electronic products and so many varieties of merchandise, suppliers, manufacturers and drop shippers are offered at TopTenWholesale from which you can pick and choose.

In addition to this, TopTenWholesale matchless services are also used by sellers on eBay and This has added to the credibility of this endeavour to help the people to get the best available deals. If you are searching for manufacturers, distributors, exporters on B2B Marketplace then you are at very right place because TopTenWholesale is connected with lot many of these people directly and products are available for you 24/7. This all-encompassing network will provide you much needed support in locating the desirable items, products and services.

Moreover, sourcing of these products is provided worldwide via online and you don’t have to wait for longer period because TopTenWholesale guarantee on time delivery. Hence, you can source different products from exporters and suppliers in each corner of the world. You will not be disappointed in any aspect as TopTenWholesale are giving you world class services. All you need is to explore the desired option and here you go with the glorious possibilities unfolded in front of your ‘very’ eyes!

The advantages of seeking exporters and wholesalers at TopTenWholesale are as follows:

  1. TopTenWholesale offers authorized membership to suppliers so you don’t have to worry about the transitions that you do.
  2. There are other effectual services that you can avail from TopTenWholesale: Shipping and Warehousing. A superb support system in terms of Logistics. Their supporting wings encompass wide regions including California and New Jersey in United States. ToptenWholesale is also active in eastern countries like China that gives range all over the country and globe to deliver goods where ever it’s required.
  3. Custom sourcing gives advantage over all other online solutions.
  4. ToptenWholesale offers Broker services to help our esteemed clients. This is the credible platform where suppliers, innovators as well as entrepreneurs get a huge opportunity to reach the wide and expanding world of retailers.
  5. Trade Shows give huge opportunity to seek the suitable exporters and suppliers without any wastage of our precious time.

The icing on the cake comes with their free services that you can avail like videos that can help you pave your way as part of these forums. In addition to this, you have easy online access to Trade Show directory and B2B newsrooms as well. People also find Product Request Submissions and Product Alerts highly efficacious in seeking the wholesale suppliers and products at lightning speed.

Hence with TopTenWholesale, you are at stone’s throw from highly profitable deals which will not only satiate you money wise but also leads to immense personal gratification.