Rakuten – B2B2C e-commerce platform

Today, we live in the times when buying our favorite things – be it grocery, apparels or accessories is just a click away from us, thanks to the plenty of e-commerce sites available on the internet. However amidst all the e-commerce sites, there is definitely a site that is more than just an apparel or accessory store and is in fact a virtual shopping mall. The virtual shopping centre we are talking about here is Rakuten – the largest e-commerce site in Japan that tends to give a wonderful platform for creating numerous shopping options to both businessmen and customers spread across the globe.

The word Rakuten is a Japanese word which means “optimism” and staying true to its name this e-commerce website tries to imbibe the spirit of positivity in the minds and hearts of people associated with it. Rakuten is Japan’s largest and most innovative internet shopping mall that runs on the concept of B2B2C i.e. business to business to consumers. Basically, it provides a marketplace to thousands of stores, retailers and merchants dealing in various items which are based in different regions of Japan. It gives a wonderful platform to all merchants and dealers who wish to create their own shopping mall over the internet.

There is not an iota of doubt that setting up a real store is not a financially viable idea for every entrepreneur, however setting the virtual one is extremely easy and equally rewarding as setting up a store made of bricks and stones. However, a merchant desirous of setting up a virtual store is bound to encounter certain limitations due to lack of knowledge and accessibility to right kind of customers. Rakuten – the largest virtual shopping mall is a platform that tends to eliminate all the limitations and shortfalls faced by the merchants and grant them an opportunity of setting up a unique and rewarding marketplace.

Becoming a member of this virtual shopping mall is extremely easy and requires just a few non-cumbersome steps by the merchants after which they are free to trade their products exactly the way they like. The traders on Rakuten tend to make profits not just by saving on creating a physical store but also because of spectacular customer base of this website. Rakuten is the proud supplier of Japanese items and products and has happily served millions of customers spread around the world. It offers exciting loyalty programs and Rakuten super points to its customers and regular members thereby maintaining its enormous consumer base.

Rakuten closes symbolizes a global market where one can easily get the luxury cosmetic brands, apparels, sports gear and even colorful toys in a matter of few clicks from the internet. This e-commerce site is often dubbed as number 1 in Japan due to the extensiveness of the products it tends to offer to its customers. All in all, Rakuten is an internet shopping portal which tends to simplify the lives of millions of Japanese traders and is truly a heaven for the shopaholics around the world.