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Looking for venture capital? Find private equity investors at MyCapital. One of the factors that drives new business around the globe is capital. With the right idea, a great business plan and the right capital, innovative and emerging companies can bring their products to market and the boost economic growth at many levels.

Venture capital
How to meet venture capitalists?

But that’s always been the sticking point.  Raising the venture capital is never easy and, in the last decade or so, it’s become downright difficult. Just the process of raising capital is enough to make some entrepreneurs shudder and the time and effort it takes can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s why a group of experienced investment bankers started, to give new and budding companies the capital they need without the stress. Their mission is to make the process of obtaining capital easier, faster and superior to any other.  When you work with My Capital you’ll be able to take advantage of their Global Venture Capital directory, chock full of data on banks, investors and capital opportunities around the globe.

Better yet, once registered, your company will be able to post its profile and be found online by investors, capital seekers and capital providers in over 200 countries.  My’s database is filled with Fortune 500 companies that are arranging financing, equity funding and venture capital for businesses of every type. They even have an Express Loan and Express Capital service too.

Capital. Without it, the world’s economies would grind to a halt.  At My they don’t want that to happen. From what they have shown, they have the tools to get the capital, and give the opportunity, that many business’s today need.  For banks, investors and start-ups, that’s good news indeed.

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