Find a vendor on connects B2B vendors and purchasers around the globe., purchased by Research Nation in February 2011, is now called Media Inc., and is a large Business to Business (B2B) marketer providing invaluable solutions for businesses, large and small.  The website provides products and services information, directories of suppliers, vendors, how-to articles, guides and business forms that can be downloaded, as well as several applications.

Whether a business is just a sole-proprietorship or a Fortune 500 company, they can maximize their strategies, promote their strengths and improve their processes with resources found on Media Inc. such as price comparing and competition.

Vendors can target and reach potential buyers early in their search process, showcase their brand immediately and effectively, and be included in the directory of over 10,000 vendors.  Over 50 million customers can find vendors who fulfill their needs, compare them against many others, and make wise decisions before buying.

There are purchasing engine applications that assist buyers at any level, price comparison applications, libraries of reports, reviews and guides, and 50,000 how-to manuals.  Any business can research and compare products and services for their business with ease on Media Inc.’s website with exceptionally easy maneuverability between pages.

The website includes pages that focus on vendor lists, comparing vendors, business planning, construction, and a consumer products page, where there are many choices for a sub category like home & garden, which leads to helpful blogs and business names. There is an education page, a healthcare page, and pages that deal with human resources, industrial needs and educational products.

The company has two locations in California mainly the great Los Angeles and San Diego areas, is privately held and Ryan Reddycord is the CEO.  Their main business rivals are companies who do similar B2B resource marketing like Buyer Zone, Lending Tree and Service Magic.