eCRATER – online store builder and B2B marketplace

eCRATER was launched in mid-2004. Unlike its competition, anyone setting up a online store on this site can customize it to meet their own needs with company logos and other images giving it a specific business look and feel – like selling your own products in your own store. It is a website with both the customer and seller in mind, making it easy to find exactly what you want.

Ranking at number 8 following an EcommerceBytes survey of 12,000 sellers on the internet, eCRATER appears to be well-liked among sellers, its popularity increasing significantly after Google Shopping became a paid only option. Most sellers on eCRATER are loyal, acknowledging that while it is a fairly ‘bare bones’ ecommerce website builder, it is a good store front option allowing a complete way of displaying goods for buyers – there are no limits on the number of items you display in your  online store. Goods displayed show high on a Google search which is obviously an important plus for sellers, one of the benefits is that items can be displayed for free in advance of a sale, and the small fee charged is well worth it for this facility.

Support is excellent, responding quickly to problems and queries. Considering the business aspect of this website, customer support is one of the keys to its success.

eCRATER, whilst relatively simple to use and set up, offers a good opportunity to list free of charge, but with the benefits of tools for sellers, statistics page and an informative community. Also, products can be submitted to Google Shopping to complete the sale. Some members appreciate the Google feeds but would like eCRATER to perform more of their own as well, reducing the dependence on Google, although this in itself is not an issue.

While there are detractors aplenty of eCRATER, most of its sellers are loyal and successful; most will tell you that it is a good alternative to eBay and better than most other e-commerce sites. As with all things internet, most people are willing to give subjective and negative feedback even if the real problem lies in their own understanding of the environment.

As a B2B marketplace, eCRATER is easy to configure, and while there are a few niggles regarding shipping cost set ups, it makes a worthwhile online store for most businesses. A useful tip is to spend time reading the rules, studying the site and what others are doing, and definitely to spend time reading and exploring the forum as it is a font of useful information. If you have a question, ask on the forum and you will enjoy selling there. This is an excellent and well run site; it is improving all the time. No fuss, no muss, and they aim to be friendly and responsive to their sellers. It is very easy to use and the percentage of “take” is minimal.