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What this book is about? This book is about e-commerce, online shopping malls, online auctions, online trade shows, B2B, B2C, M2B, B2B2C marketplaces, business networks, forums and databases in each region of world.

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Find business partners
Get to know where to discover new business on internet

How to leverage the power of the internet in finding business partners

How to find business partners on internet

Are you looking for business angels, co-founders, suppliers and customers? Maybe you’re the business owner and are missing business partners. Do you need co-founders and funding to launch your start-up?

How to find business partners on internet
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Do you know where to find the best suppliers? Do you need funding to fulfill your dream? You should also know about how to check the background of new business partners to avoid being cheated? Maybe you want to visit a trade show, but they’re very costly. Did you know there are also digital fairs, which will save the travel and hotel cost for you?

Why you should read this book?

In How To Find Business Partners On Internet, you’ll learn where on internet you can meet new business partners and sell your products. With this book, you’ll have access to detailed information about e-commerce sites, investor networks, online marketplaces for handmade, B2B marketplaces, online shopping malls, B2B directories, online fairs, business forums, online auctions, business networks, online exhibitions, B2B databases, trade show websites, B2B search engines, liquidation marketplaces, providers of credit information, manufacturing marketplaces, and much more.

Who should read this book?

If you’re exporter, importer, trader, buyer, seller, supplier, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, purchaser, entrepreneur, investor, business angel, founder of start-up, export manager – you will get valuable information about online marketplaces with different e-commerce models such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2B2C, B2G, M2B and M2C across the globe.

You will also find the table with Alexa rank over all the online marketplaces mentioned in this book. Alexa rank is an estimate of website’s popularity and you can see what are the most popular online marketplaces with huge number of visitors in the world.

Buy from top Chinese manufacturers on Global Market

When you’re dealing with other countries there is always the “fraud factor” that needs to be dealt with. Leading the charge is Global Market and, with over 1 million buyer members, including big time global hitters like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, GE and Carrefour, they are the absolute gold standard in the entire country.

Global market is for global buyers

The fact is that the Global Manufacturer Certificate, the standard for which manufacturers are screened and evaluated in China, was actually established by Global Market. That means that, when you need to be linked with a reputable Chinese manufacturer, as a buyer you can rest assured that you’re going to be getting top quality goods with no chance of any copyright infringement or other problems. This certificate helps manufacturers to distinguish themselves and stand above the rest of the manufacturers in China, making the work for buyers, and the time it takes them to find qualified and suitable suppliers, much easier.

One of the best features that Global Market offers buyers is the fact that, with a simple computer microphone and WebCam, they can have direct access to Global Manufacturer Certified manufacturers around the globe live via the World Wide Web. This new Video Conference ability is a zero cost sourcing revolution with incredibly low risk, something that buyers greatly appreciate.

Global Market has established ties with some of the biggest and most trusted names in manufacturing to be found in China, including Midea, Galanz, Chigo, Aupu Group, JMA Aluminum, Kinwai. Global Market has also recently introduced their GMC Mall, an online Manufacturer-to-Customer (M2C) distribution channel. If you’re looking for textiles, appliances, lamps, kitchen and bath supplies and a whole range of other products, the And GMC mall is where they are run through a strict quality control system as they are tested and inspected.

They also offer TRADE, an online and off-line sourcing service that serves over 350,000 buyers worldwide and is the largest international trade enabler utilizing an ASP model. When combined with their logistics and 21 direct sub-branch offices spread out all over the country, Global Market brings a very strong, competitive edge and the peace of mind you need when dealing with manufacturers throughout all of China..

So if you’re looking for a B2B and e-commerce service provider that will not only hook you up with the top manufacturers all over China but also helps you to avoid fraud, Global Market is definitely the company you need.

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Get to know more about e-commerce websites:

Product sourcing and supplier discovery B2B marketplace

If you’re looking for easy product sourcing, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and local sources throughout the United States and Canada, look no further than Thomasnet. com.

Product sourcing
Product sourcing B2B platform

At they have information on over 650,000 manufacturers and distributors as well as 67,000+ industrial categories. What that does for engineers and buyers from all different industries is provide them with easy and instant product sourcing. It’s also an excellent B2B directory and has thousands of company profiles on the site that a person can browse to find just the manufacturer that they’re looking for.

To make things even easier on the site, you can identify the products that you need through their categories, the company name and now also using UNSPSC commodity codes. Contacting suppliers is also easy using’s RFP forms.

If CAD drawings are what you need, you can highly accelerate your design process using literally millions of 2-D and 3-D CAD models that have been gathered on the site from all of the leading manufacturers in many different industries. All of their CAD models are compatible with major software programs including SolidWorks, PTC and Autodesk and, even better, every single drawing comes complete with a list of its attributes as well as a full list of materials needed for production.

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Key to your international business

What’s a key to your successful business? It’s a B2B marketplace Tradekey of course.

Key to business
Your key to new business around the globe

B2B stands for business to business and marketplace is where they go to meet and do business with one another. The key is to have a place that is easy to use, have plenty of contacts and secure. All of those things can be found in one place and it happens to be the largest in the world. It is called and it was established in 2005 and they boast of a membership roll that numbers over 5.7 million members worldwide.

When you first arrive at B2B marketplace Tradekey you are greeted by a very well laid out website that is not covered with clutter. The next thing you will not about their home page, no ads. I don’t know about you, but I get annoyed when a website seems to have more ads than anything.

Once you had a look around, you can get down to business and find someone to do business with. Whether you are a buyer and in need of some specific goods or a seller in search of some prospective buyers from another part of the world. Your business will be exposed to their global network of businesses from more than 220 countries.

To get started you need to become a member and the good part is, it is free to sign up. As a free member you get access to everything the site has to offer. If you are looking for a greater amount of exposure for your business you can upgrade your membership to one of the three higher levels; Silver Key, Gold Key and Gold Key Plus.The following is a short breakdown of the additional benefits of each of the higher levels:

Silverkey Membership: Your business is exposed to 500% more buyers than a free member. You can list 15 products, receive 200 sell offers and 300 buy offers. Unlimited access to the buyer’s directory. Your own mini website, fax service and a virtual office for your business. Your business will be listed higher in’s listing.  More Trustpoints. Marketing on Search engines like Google and Yahoo.Goldkey Membership. 3000% exposure to buyers. Priority listing in buyer searches. Unlimited access to Buyers Directory .Ability to advertise with Tradekey, 10 product listings and 300 sell offers. Receive up to 3000 Trustpoints.  Use of fax services. Search engine marketing using Google and Yahoo …etc.

Goldkey Plus Membership: Your own product based website, video, brochures and certificate posting. 10 Products, 300 sell offers and 500 buy offers. 12 week keyword ranked on Tradekey. Advertising with Tradekey and large banner ad 1 week. Optimized on Search engines. More search engine marketing. More buyer inquiries. You will have a dedicated relationship manager. As you can see this B2B marketplce offers so many great benefits to all of it members, no matter which membership level you choose.

The goal of the is to provide its members all over the world a place to get their business and products in front of prospective buyers. They do this by maintaining an extensive directory and outstanding marketing services. If you are looking to expand your business connections and finding new buyers all over the world, than you need to check out this B2B marketplace . You will not be disappointed.