One million buyers use sourcing services


Sourcing  of quality products from reliable manufacturers.

If you are interested in sourcing in China, Global Sources is definitely your go-to B2B marketplace. On their website you can find abundant information, including print and digital magazines, reports, trade shows, online marketplaces and much more, all geared to helping you connect with and do business with manufacturers and suppliers in China. Indeed, their manufacturers and suppliers directory is used by over 1 million international buyers and, out of the top 100 retailers in the world, 95 of them use Global Sources for their export media.

Sourcing information for buyers.

Global Sources can also help you identify verified buyers and verified suppliers in their broader community and they also can lead you to private sourcing events and sourcing fairs as well as providing Chinese language media to companies that sell to Greater China. If you think you know how big China is, imagine this; Global Sources has over 30 locations and more than 4 million registered online users!

Global Sources also has the experience that you need as they have been in business for over 50 years and have also been listed on NASDAQ since 2000. Their directory will lead you to exporters from all over the country as well as buyers, suppliers and importers. The fact is, when it comes to the B2B marketplace in China the Global Sources has it all.

The buyer community at Global Sources serves professional buyers from all over the world who want to import goods from China in high volume. They expedite these wishes with a full range of export media including the aforementioned websites, trade shows and magazines. On their site they have two types of buyers in their buyer community including “active buyers” and “verified buyers”, both of which will help your company to identify the type of buyer that you are looking for.

There are more than 12,000 verified suppliers on the Global Sources website and they have contacts with more than 20,000 exhibitors from all over Asia. As matter of fact, 60% of the products for verified suppliers are not on any other website. The simple fact is that if you are a company that’s looking for B2B contacts in China and all over Asia, Global Sources is really the only source that you need.

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MFG – A Manufacturing Marketplace

MFG is a manufacturing marketplace that brings manufacturing and procurement professionals together. The B2B marketplace is the right place for all manufacturing needs. MFG claim that they are the largest online manufacturing marketplace in the world. Buyers and suppliers meet together every day in order to do business on a global level.

MFG as a B2B marketplace for all manufacturers.

A B2B market is a place where materials and production come together for the purchase and the selling of materials. In the case of MFG, supplies of manufacturing businesses are both bought and sold on a daily basis. MFG therefore benefits both suppliers and manufacturing companies and supplies are bought and sold on a daily basis.

MFG is not just any B2B marketplace. Firstly only manufacturing supplies can be bought and sold on the site and no other type of trading is encouraged. Secondly the procurement of goods is made even easier with some of the tools that MFG have incorporated onto their website.

What makes MFG different?

As MFG is a worldwide website designed for the selling and the procurement of manufacturing goods, it can be hard to keep track of the best sellers and buyers. In addition to this it can be difficult to keep a track of all the goods and services that are bought and sold. MFG is a B2B marketplace with some integrated features that makes buying and selling a little easier. Some of these tools include:

Easy click quoting system

Quote tracking feature

Buyer and supplier ratings

RFQ Creation to receive quotes for custom parts

Integrated part library

All of these features are designed with both suppliers and purchasers in mind to make the procurement of manufactured parts so much easier for everyone.

WHAT can be bought and sold on this B2B marketplace?

Manufacturing is the making of any product that is sold and used. The manufacturing is the making process of any given product. MFG is a unique B2B marketplace where people can buy and sell custom made industrial goods that will help the manufacturing of any product. RFQs are designed to match suppliers and purchases all over the world. In a way MFG is a bit like a dating site that brings suppliers and manufacturers together.

The rating system lets you search what other people have said about purchasers and sellers alike giving you the benefit of knowing the experiences of dealing with others is like. This allows you to make informed decisions without having to do the research.

MFG is a website that is designed to bring manufacturers and suppliers together. With manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, this cuts out the need to research the right supplier for the parts you need to make your product a success. MFG works for both manufacturing companies and suppliers and brings them together in one place.

MFG also have a feature that enables easy tracking so you can track your supplies through each process of the procurement of goods. If you are in the manufacturing business, MFG is a one stop shop for all your manufacturing needs.