Ways to find business partners

Ways to find business partners online.

Get useful tips about finding the new business partners on the internet. Do you know what are the best B2B marketplaces for you? Find out the most popular online marketplaces in each region of the world.

This book is full of information of business directories, e-commerce sites, online shopping malls, business events, online auctions, start-up communities, online trade shows, B2B, B2C, M2B, B2B2C marketplaces, business networks, forums, investor networks and databases across the globe.

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Find manufacturers worldwide


Manufacturer.com is an USA-based global trade platform used to connect qualified buyers  and manufacturers in the competitive world of the B2B.  Unlike other similar Asian-based trade platforms which focus mainly on the individual seller, Manufacturer.com provides equal support and safe trading practices for the buyer as well.  It is a manufacturing, export, and wholesale platform, connecting business owners from all facets of industry.

Find manufacturers from across the world.

The site has many valuable features that help businesses buy and sell their products.  Videos can be easily posted on the site by Manufacturer.com members, showcasing their products and services in the best possible light.  Buyers can sign up to receive instant message alerts of potential products being offered by other members which might appeal to their business.  And members can also pose questions to the community in the included Manufacturer.com forum area, receiving immediate feedback and instantaneous advice on any number of topics and issues.

For manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters with ready-to-sell products who are looking to attract major retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, or Costco, the administrative team from this wholesale platform and global trade website can facilitate key introductions with these chain store managers and purchasing agents.  Manufacturer.com can even help to arrange introductions to other major factories and manufacturers abroad, helping to ensure effective communication between cultural barriers and differing languages.   Manufacturer.com is the perfect B2B Marketplace for exporters and importers.

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Go4WorldBusiness – Global Business-to-Business Marketplace

Business-to-Business (B2B) basically describes the commerce transactions which take place between businesses. B2B usually takes place between wholesalers and retailers, or manufacturers and wholesalers. The number of transactions which take place between businesses are much more than those which take place between businesses and consumers, therefore it is said that the volume of B2B transactions is always higher than B2C transactions.

There are several B2B portals available today which enable businesses to conduct transactions with other businesses. Go4WorldBusiness.com is one of the commonly used B2B portals run by Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd. Go4WorldBusiness.com is basically a worldwide buyers community which provides all the basic B2B services to its members.

Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd has a history of helping small and medium sized enterprises in increasing their international businesses through B2B portals. The high-quality services have lead Wyzen Trade Network to expand and become one of the greatest sources of B2B transactions. The Wyzen Trade Network today is a collection of 114 trade portals which provide an extensive database of exporters, importers and trade leads. One of the most amazing features of these databases run by Wyzen Trade Network are that they are maintained regularly and updated on daily basis. There are three main types of memberships being offered by Wyzen Trade: Gold, Silver and Free. Each membership has its own features and perks.

Go4WorldBusiness.com is the main trade portal and it has successfully provided a platform to businesses all over the globe where they can meet other business owners, and exchange goods and services. It is because of the Go4WorldBusiness B2B portal that businesses today have an opportunity to explore new markets and increase their business contacts in a very simple, inexpensive yet efficient manner.

The home page of Go4BusinessWorld displays all the latest buy requirements from businesses all over the world, hot products on the site, and the option of finding buyers and sellers from a huge variety of categories available. The other important tabs include those of Suppliers, Buyers, Products, Trade Leads and Buy Leads.

Go4BusinessWorld is a Global B2B Marketplace having more than 550,000 companies from 240 countries and more than 150,000 registered buyers. Currently there are more than 1800 product categories which list more than 285,000 products on the B2B portal. On average, there are approximately 30,000 business inquiries every week on Go4BusinessWorld.com.


Contents of book “How to find business partners on internet”

You can find all of the information that you need to conduct global business on the Internet. But, the Internet, like the Universe, is huge! There are thousands of B2B websites and it would be time consuming to go through every one of these sites. This book contains tips about the biggest B2B Marketplaces, E-Commerce websites, Online Shopping Malls, B2B Directories, Business Networks, B2B Websites, Online Fairs, Business Communities and Business Databases around the globe. I do not strive to present all B2B Marketplaces and directories worldwide, as this is an impossible task. I decided to write this book after 6 years of blogging on the subject. The B2B Marketplaces and other websites that I describe in this book are the result of my extensive research on the Internet.

Target Group
This book is targeted to small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, business minded individuals, export managers, purchasing managers, exporters, importers, traders, sellers and buyers. Thus, the book is dedicated to everyone who has passion for global business.
Why you should read this book
You will learn how to find business partners online. After reading this book, you wouldn’t need to hire an expensive export consultant, because you will be able to do this work yourself. This book will teach you about the biggest B2B Marketplaces, E-Commerce sites, Business Directories and B2B websites across the globe. You will also learn helpful tips for running background checks on companies and avoid being cheated. Table of contents:
Chapter 1. What’s a B2B Marketplace and E-Commerce?
Chapter 2. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in US and Canada
Chapter 3. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in China
Chapter 4. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in India
Chapter 5. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Asia (excl. China and India)
Chapter 6. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Latin America
Chapter 7. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Africa
Chapter 8. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Middle East
Chapter 9. Top B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Europe
Chapter 10. B2B Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Australia and New Zealand
Chapter 11. Industry B2B Marketplaces, Wholesalers and Trade shows
Chapter 12. How to find Trade Shows, Fairs and other Business Events
Chapter 13. Organizers of Exhibitions, Forums, Events and Trade Fairs
Chapter 14. How to find Investors and co-founders for your start up
Chapter 15. How to protect against Fraud
Chapter 16. Business Networks, Search Engines, Magazines and other useful sources for Exporters and Importers.
Chapter 17. Glossary
Chapter 18. Table of B2B Marketplaces, E-commerce Websites, B2B Directories, Business Networks, Communities and Online Shopping Malls with Alexa Global rank
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Bizbilla – A New B2B Marketplace For Global Businesses

Global business are always looking for a way to connect with a wider range of business and industries to trade, sell or buy a number of items for their business. One way business make these exchanges is through a B2B marketplace. It is a convenient way for many business to interact and do business with one another. Bizbilla has created a site that is not just a B2B marketplace where businesses can find, buy and sell products but is also a community where global businesses can interact, connect and learn from one another.

What Is a Business to Business Marketplace?

A B2B market place or business to business is where on business will make a transaction with another business. This is done a number of ways:

One business re-sells the products, goods or services from another business or manufacturer

One business needs a specific service from another business to continue operations.

One business needs the products or materials of another business for the production of their service or product.

What Is Bizbilla?

Bizbilla is a B2B online marketplace where business from around the world can trade and gain information on global businesses. It is one of the first online B2B marketplaces that allows global businesses to shop, trade, buy and sell to other business from various countries around the world. Bizbilla offers its users more than just providing a safe, secure and convenient way to purchase product and materials. Bizbilla also offers:

Business tools that can help business owners create websites, convert currency and provide government related information.

Bizbilla also has a range of content available from guide to blogs and the latest news for global businesses.

Provides resources for many aspects of global business such as; import and export, business letters, laws and shipping options.

The B2B Wing on Bizbilla offers a place for individuals to find tradeshows, informative videos and various business promotions.

How Can Bizbilla Help You Expand With Global Business?

Using a B2B marketplace to meet your business needs can be help you discover a variety of products and services that may not be available to locally. Bizbilla list what other business need to buy, have to sell and services wanted in an easy to use site. You can easily search for what other global business have to offer or make a post of what you need or business can offer.

Products- Bizbilla offers a range of products that you can buy to sell in your business. There is an endless list of products available from furniture, accessories and clothing to printing paper, plastic sheeting and various equipment.

 Suppliers- Suppliers listed on Bizbilla offer items for agriculture, textiles, automotives, shipping, herbal products, construction materials, computers and electronics, cosmetics, food and beverage, gems and stones as well as a number of other categories. If you are looking for a consistent supplier for any number of products or services Bizbilla has a lot to offer.

Services- There are a number of services you can find on Bizbilla for your business as well. Call center services, advertising, educational services and legal services are just a few available on Bizbilla. Any services you may need for your business can be quickly found on Bizbilla.

Bizbilla is a free B2B marketplace to use, just simply sign up for access to various product, services and sellers for your business.