Iron Planet – B2B auction for heavy equipment

From heavy construction, to miners, ranchers, and farmers; having the right equipment is the key to getting your job done. is the largest B2B auction site for heavy equipment. It does not matter what you are looking for, you will find quality used equipment from all your major manufacturers. With low cost transaction fees and a wide selection you can always find the right truck, skid, or crane that will fit your budget.

Iron Clad Assurance

Whether you are making a $200,000 investment, or $5,000 one, you need to make sure the equipment is ready to get the job done on delivery. With their Iron Clad Assurance, Iron Planet protects your investment every step of the way. Their team of certified inspectors conducts a thorough review of each vehicle. Each inspection is available for two weeks leading up to the auction. If after the sale, your new truck does not meet or exceed your expectations, Iron Planet will cover the cost of any repairs. Most auctions take place internationally, sight unseen. With the Iron Clad Assurance, you can always shop with confidence.

Huge Selection

With global auctions taking place daily, you can always find a number of choices for any type equipment. Covering North America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, Iron Planet has offerings wherever the job might take you. By breaking the auctions into three distinct zones, they help keep transportation costs low, while still providing access to the best equipment.

Best Choice For Sellers

Iron Planet provides sellers both a global marketplace in which to sell their equipment, and the hands-on customer support to make the process as painless as possible. By reaching out, an actively marketing your equipment to their world-wide clientele, Iron Planet I sure to deliver a successful sale, and get you top dollar every time.

Buy With Confidence

The secret to Iron Planet’s success is in their inspection reports. By employing a team of inspectors, who have years of heavy equipment experience, Iron Planet ensures that two similar vehicles have been inspected to the same exacting standards. Each report begins with equipment verification. Make, Model, and Serial Numbers are compared to manufacturer records to confirm dates and age. The report then breaks down all key components and systems to provide an accurate rating of the functional condition.

If the equipment is more than one year old, the inspector will likely also conduct laboratory testing of all major system fluids. The lab will check for metal wear and foreign contaminants.

Finally, the report provides 15-25 photographs of the vehicle. Even from thousands of miles away, you can comfortably invest in your new equipment, without worrying about surprises. The Iron Clad Assurance has got you covered.