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Handmade products

E-commerce website for  handmade, art, design and other unique products. Globalization has indeed changed our world as people have become quite dependent on internet to meet their personal, professional as well as enterprising desires. It has now become the Global platform with immense possibilities and we are breaking the limitation of boundaries when it comes to the Global marketplace at which has become the primordial e-commerce zone for the people interested in handicraft, vintage items, unique creative work of art and craft, gift items and jewelry.

Handmade products
Sell your handmade and vintage products on Etsy!

Indubitably, people have now become quite receptive to the novelty and creative spheres that are emerging with each passing day. That is the prime reason why they are becoming interested in various ways of buying and selling Exquisite items reverberating with charm, aesthetics and tons of creativity. In this set up Etsy Corporation is the forerunner in ensuring that human connections meet with authentic intention of self-expressions by becoming the much needed “bridge”. Entrepreneurs, creative people, artists and amateurs; all are expanding their exposure to wider customers through this excellent medium which is world renowned with its 30 million users online.

This is a very awe-inspiring phenomenon that this company has established online with its shared marketplace with a strong emphasis on genuineness in each business transaction. This not only provides the easy access to the interested people towards the right items but also helps in giving wings to all the creative people who were looking for genuine place to start their own business. It is thus, the cornucopia of handicrafts which are available none other than on this site. To witness this utterly delectable truth all you need is to browse through the site and see the truth actualised in front of your very eyes!

Handmade products at is one of the finest and extra ordinary quality which is made while harmonising with the nature that is why it’s becoming increasingly popular among the people from all walks of life. One reason is that it ensures best quality products, authentic business platform and convenient transitions.  Moreover, Etsy enterprises are famous for vintage items which are now in huge demand because of its sensational variety that you are bound to witness at this site. And fortunately, this also become the source of instant gratification as one can make purchases simultaneously.

As a certified Business Corporation, has promoted the power of business to solve social and environmental problems whole heartedly. You can become a member of this highly sought after Global marketplace by opening your own shop on this site and start selling products instantly. You just have to pay 0.2USD for each item that you show case and there is 3.5% fee on sale’s prices. With this investment you become a proud owner of online shop and you will get unique user name and shop name to carry on your visionary, creative endeavours on this immensely profitable base.

You can also kick start your quest of realising your dreams as tangible realities through this reliable company that will directs its each member towards self-actualisation and personal gratification through the medium of art and craft.



Sell your handmade products on DaWanda

From handmade patchwork quilts to handcrafted custom jewelry, DaWanda is one of the best marketplaces to buy and sell these types of one-of-a-kind products.  DaWanda is a digital marketplace that trades handmade unique products from professional artisans, artists, designers and individuals. With many different categories of products to choose from, this website is filled with some of the most unique boutique items available online.  From clothing to fashion accessories, and baby blankets to custom paintings and art sculptures, DaWanda offers homemade products to customers from all over the world.  It’s a great way to expand your business to a global market.

Registration to sell your handmade items is quick and very easy. Simply go to the DaWanda website and click on “Open a Shop”. Then start filling your online marketplace with as many of your unique, handcrafted items that you like. Upload colorful images to attract the attention of your buyers, and include the price of each item. You can edit or delete any of your store products at any time. More than 1000 designers are selling their inspiring and creative products on this marketplace.

When you get a sale, DaWanda will immediately notify you via email. It’s that easy! Registration is 100% free. You can begin making money instantly.  DaWanda only asks for a small 10% commission on each sale, and this will not include your shipping costs.  In return, they will manage and promote your business for you online. There are more than 280000 shops on DaWanda.

You will be notified of each sale with all of the necessary contact and delivery information for each individual customer.  You can even respond to customers with additional questions and promotional offers.  Build your contact list and take your business to the next level!  Selling handmade specialty products has never been easier than with DaWanda, your preferred online marketplace! Read more about marketplace for handmade and vintage Etsy