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Looking for venture capital? Find private equity investors at MyCapital. One of the factors that drives new business around the globe is capital. With the right idea, a great business plan and the right capital, innovative and emerging companies can bring their products to market and the boost economic growth at many levels.

Venture capital
How to meet venture capitalists?

But that’s always been the sticking point.  Raising the venture capital is never easy and, in the last decade or so, it’s become downright difficult. Just the process of raising capital is enough to make some entrepreneurs shudder and the time and effort it takes can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s why a group of experienced investment bankers started, to give new and budding companies the capital they need without the stress. Their mission is to make the process of obtaining capital easier, faster and superior to any other.  When you work with My Capital you’ll be able to take advantage of their Global Venture Capital directory, chock full of data on banks, investors and capital opportunities around the globe.

Better yet, once registered, your company will be able to post its profile and be found online by investors, capital seekers and capital providers in over 200 countries.  My’s database is filled with Fortune 500 companies that are arranging financing, equity funding and venture capital for businesses of every type. They even have an Express Loan and Express Capital service too.

Capital. Without it, the world’s economies would grind to a halt.  At My they don’t want that to happen. From what they have shown, they have the tools to get the capital, and give the opportunity, that many business’s today need.  For banks, investors and start-ups, that’s good news indeed.

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Crowdcube – crowdfunding platform

Nowadays more and more people discover crowdfunding either to fund their projects or to invest their money. Crowdfunding is the method of sponsoring a financial venture through monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically online. Crowdfunding is especially beneficial for new entrepreneurs who possess inadequate funding for the establishment of their business as well as for small investors seeking to boost their savings.  If you are interested in the opportunity that crowdfunding offers, why not trying Crowdcube?

Crowdcube is a British online crowdfunding platform supported by Balderton Capital and more than four hundred private investors. Also, the company maintains offices in London and Exeter. Their vision is to help British small and startup companies find the financial support they need while offering profit opportunities for smaller investors. The Crowdcube platform offers investment and funding opportunities without middlemen or investment fees.

All entrepreneurs need to do is to join and set a funding target. As soon as they get listed, they will be visible to thousands of investors, who will help them to reach their goal. What is more, entrepreneurs can find a variety of information resources on the Crowdcube website. Over 120 businesses have reached their target and some of them even have risen more than that.

Of course investors are rewarded for their contributions, by earning profits depending on the investment plans they have selected. The platform offers three plans; Equity, which is the most economical one and requires contributions as little as ten pounds, Mini-Bond, which requires contributions of at least five hundred pounds, and Venture Fund, appropriate for people who are prepared to invest more than 2,500 British pounds. Investors may also earn an up to fifty percent tax relief. Of course, as every investment, investing through Crowdcube includes financial risk. But if you are determined to support a startup business for profit, then you should definitely try it, especially if the amount that you are prepared to invest is relatively low. Your potential on Crowdcube as an investor is the maintenance of a broad portfolio including businesses of all kinds.

As an investor on the platform, you can either manage your own portfolio or have a Crowdcube professional fund manager to do it for you. Crowdcube is associated with the investments management company Strathtay Ventures, which can provide its services to investors contributing with at least £2,500.

Through the Crowdcube platform, more than 42.5 million British pounds have been raised by entrepreneurs from more than 91,000 investors so far. Only within 2014, investors have raised over twenty million pounds for more than sixty British enterprises. The most popular sectors are technology, IT and telecommunications, consumer products, as well as food and drinks, but of course there are other interesting businesses as well. But small and startup businesses are not the only ones that you can invest in. Well-established entrepreneurs, such as celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr. and the founder of Poundland Steve Smith have also joined the platform to support their ventures, raising millions of pounds.

Persuaded? In that case, visit to find more, register and submit your pitch.