Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses expand to new markets

Business network

Launched in 2008 the Enterprise Europe Network is a business network that brings together international partners, resources and financial help for European companies looking to possibly expand, bring a product to market or go international.

Business network
Looking for business partners on European market?

Their specialty is bringing together businesses and organizations from over 50 countries and using their expanded database to help businesses find the partners and financing that they need to move forward, protect their intellectual property, move into the international market and make sure that they are up-to-date on all EU laws and standards.

Using their online services a company can search for business partners in specific sectors and also look for financial partners that can help them grow and expand throughout Europe and also outside of the European market. If, for example, a business  as an idea for a product that they’d like to bring to market but they don’t have the financing to go beyond their country’s borders, they can use the Enterprise Europe Network’s database of European connections to reach out to nearly 600 member organizations, a powerful resource indeed.

When someone first contacts the Enterprise Europe Network they will either be offered instant assistance or will be put in touch with a person or organization that can help them to find the financing or business partner that they’re looking for.

The Enterprise Europe Network also offers matchmaking events all over Europe that business owners can attend, giving them a direct line of communication with literally hundreds of companies that can help them financially, advise them on legal issues in other countries or put them in touch with the people that can. In fact, what they can do is allow small to medium-size businesses the kind of contacts and resources that they need in order to expand to new markets.