Benefits with business networking in BNI – global networking organization

Building a reputation and network for your business is the number one way to get the word out about your business. Many people struggle with this, even businesses that are already successful. How do you get your business out to prospective customers? How do you get other businesses or professionals to recommend your business? Everyone wants to expand their business and developing a good, sound network is the best way. BNI is the largest business networking and referrals marketing organization in the world. BNI is based off a philosophy called Giver’s Gain developed by its founder Dr. Ivan Misner. BNI helps develop businesses with a positive and professional “word of mouth” referral program allowing businesses to build long term professional relationships between them. BNI has chapters worldwide and is one of the easiest networking programs to become a part of.

Giver’s Gain was a philosophy developed by its founder that describes a simple way to promote businesses between professionals. Dr. Ivan Misner designed his program around the simple and old saying, “what goes around comes around”. The theory that if you give me business, I’ll give you business is an easy to follow idea and it works! He has been called “The father of networking” and remains the founder and chairman of BNI.

Professionals and business that are networked within BNI carry around several copies of other people’s businesses so that when they meet or find people with other specific business needs they hand them a business card, referring a business from within BNI. This simple method alone has raised business incomes from 20%-100% more than before they were a part of a successful networking system.

BNI has chapters everywhere and joining is simple. You can find your local BNI chapters online at There are one year and two year memberships offered and only one professional from a field is allowed into a chapter at one time. You would need to contact the local chapter that you wish to be a part of inquire about joining. BNI is a team process and promotes the individuals businesses; therefore, attendance and participation is crucial but well worth the effort to help network your business.

Joining BNI is a great step forward in promoting your business and with just a little effort, and following one of the easiest networking ideas there are, you could see gains in your customer base and expansion in your business. Everyone wants to see their business grow and joining BNI is one of the smartest and easiest ways to do just that. Everything you need to know about BNI is online at It’s been proven successful and has a location for everyone.