Sourcing of Commercial Surplus Inventory on – online auction

Surplus inventory represents a problem for retailers. If they have too much merchandise, they either have to pay to warehouse it, or keep it in the store taking up space that could otherwise be used to showcase new products that will continue to update their brand and keep business moving. Therefore, the excess merchandise must be dealt with in a cost efficient way. Many times, these products are listed for sale at liquidation prices. The company simply wants the products off their hands, and so they sell it at much reduced rates in order to avoid having to pay for storage at a warehouse and to avoid delaying the showcasing of new products. is a service that many businesses use to buy surplus inventory from some of the largest retailers in the world. It is an auction web site that hosts the sale of surplus inventory. This online marketplace offers online auctions and liquidity services for both buyers and sellers. Sellers and buyers alike can buy or sell a wide variety of bulk wholesale merchandise. The merchandise comes from returns, closeouts, and other sources. There is also refurbished merchandise available on this website. The web site also functions with other online auction marketplaces. Through buyers can source inventory that is listed for resale on eBay, Amazon, and other online and offline marketplaces. The primary method of operation for buying is through bidding on auctions that are held on the site.

Online Auctions
The way services like this one work, is through the solicitation of bids. Sellers list the products and merchandise that they wish to get rid of on the website, and then buyers browse through the available selections and choose which products they want to bid on. The prices start low, and then gradually rise as successive bids are placed on the products. The more bids, the higher the price, however these auctions are still a great way to get quality products that would have sold for quite a bit at substantially reduced prices.

If you are a buyer who resells products, then is a great service that you should look into. It can help you get the prices you need to keep your profit margins high.Getting access to high quality products at basement prices is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Also, can allow access to other online marketplaces. So not only is there the opportunity to bid on products and merchandise that is listed on, but the buyer can also have access to auctions that are occurring on other websites that have similar functions and services.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, online auctions are a great way to keep your product costs down. They represent a substantial opportunity to take advantage of the mistakes made by retailers. Excess merchandise represents a failure to account for the actual amount of merchandise that is likely to sell in a given time period. Because the retailers have failed to account for this, you can take advantage of these great deals.