The 2nd edition “How to find business partners on internet”

Updated edition with more info about B2B and B2C marketplaces around the world.  70 new marketplaces added – now totally 209 online marketplaces are listed in this book. E-commerce websites, marketplaces, auctions and directories are organized by continent. Tips and tricks for finding international and local business partners.

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How to find business partners on the internet

How to find business partners on the internet
209 ways to find new business online.

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How to find business partners on the internet

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Who should read this book? If you are an exporter, importer, trader, buyer, purchaser, seller, retailer, wholesaler, business owner, entrepreneur and investor – this book may contain useful info for you.

What this book is about? This book is about e-commerce, online shopping malls, online auctions, online trade shows, B2B, B2C, M2B, B2B2C marketplaces, business networks, forums and databases in each region of world.

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Find business partners
Get to know where to discover new business on internet

How to leverage the power of the internet in finding business partners

How to find business partners on internet

Are you looking for business angels, co-founders, suppliers and customers? Maybe you’re the business owner and are missing business partners. Do you need co-founders and funding to launch your start-up?

How to find business partners on internet
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Do you know where to find the best suppliers? Do you need funding to fulfill your dream? You should also know about how to check the background of new business partners to avoid being cheated? Maybe you want to visit a trade show, but they’re very costly. Did you know there are also digital fairs, which will save the travel and hotel cost for you?

Why you should read this book?

In How To Find Business Partners On Internet, you’ll learn where on internet you can meet new business partners and sell your products. With this book, you’ll have access to detailed information about e-commerce sites, investor networks, online marketplaces for handmade, B2B marketplaces, online shopping malls, B2B directories, online fairs, business forums, online auctions, business networks, online exhibitions, B2B databases, trade show websites, B2B search engines, liquidation marketplaces, providers of credit information, manufacturing marketplaces, and much more.

Who should read this book?

If you’re exporter, importer, trader, buyer, seller, supplier, manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, purchaser, entrepreneur, investor, business angel, founder of start-up, export manager – you will get valuable information about online marketplaces with different e-commerce models such as B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2B2C, B2G, M2B and M2C across the globe.

You will also find the table with Alexa rank over all the online marketplaces mentioned in this book. Alexa rank is an estimate of website’s popularity and you can see what are the most popular online marketplaces with huge number of visitors in the world.

Buy from top Chinese manufacturers on Global Market

When you’re dealing with other countries there is always the “fraud factor” that needs to be dealt with. Leading the charge is Global Market and, with over 1 million buyer members, including big time global hitters like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, GE and Carrefour, they are the absolute gold standard in the entire country.

Global market is for global buyers

The fact is that the Global Manufacturer Certificate, the standard for which manufacturers are screened and evaluated in China, was actually established by Global Market. That means that, when you need to be linked with a reputable Chinese manufacturer, as a buyer you can rest assured that you’re going to be getting top quality goods with no chance of any copyright infringement or other problems. This certificate helps manufacturers to distinguish themselves and stand above the rest of the manufacturers in China, making the work for buyers, and the time it takes them to find qualified and suitable suppliers, much easier.

One of the best features that Global Market offers buyers is the fact that, with a simple computer microphone and WebCam, they can have direct access to Global Manufacturer Certified manufacturers around the globe live via the World Wide Web. This new Video Conference ability is a zero cost sourcing revolution with incredibly low risk, something that buyers greatly appreciate.

Global Market has established ties with some of the biggest and most trusted names in manufacturing to be found in China, including Midea, Galanz, Chigo, Aupu Group, JMA Aluminum, Kinwai. Global Market has also recently introduced their GMC Mall, an online Manufacturer-to-Customer (M2C) distribution channel. If you’re looking for textiles, appliances, lamps, kitchen and bath supplies and a whole range of other products, the And GMC mall is where they are run through a strict quality control system as they are tested and inspected.

They also offer TRADE, an online and off-line sourcing service that serves over 350,000 buyers worldwide and is the largest international trade enabler utilizing an ASP model. When combined with their logistics and 21 direct sub-branch offices spread out all over the country, Global Market brings a very strong, competitive edge and the peace of mind you need when dealing with manufacturers throughout all of China..

So if you’re looking for a B2B and e-commerce service provider that will not only hook you up with the top manufacturers all over China but also helps you to avoid fraud, Global Market is definitely the company you need.

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Get to know more about e-commerce websites:

Masterseek – B2B search engine for professionals

Are you looking for the most complete, relevant and, most of all, accurate business information that’s available online? Are you trying to increase your business, connect with possible partners internationally or find manufacturers in other countries? Visit Masterseek – global B2B search engine.

B2B search engine
Global business search for pofessionals.

If you are, then you need Masterseek.  Masterseek is the first truly global search engine for businesses and it offers users access to business information databases all over the world. What they provide is quick, credible and accurate search results so that, when you need to make a business decision, you have all the information available to make the correct choice.

Masterseek is the brainchild of Danish entrepreneur Rasmus Refer.  When he set up the company one of the main goals that he had was to give business owners powerful tools that could help them easily pinpoint and take advantage of information on the widest variety of businesses in the widest number of countries around the world. Another goal was to provide this service at no cost and, through their unique business model that provides revenue through advertising, they’ve done just that.

The reason that this B2B search engine is so successful is the technology that they have developed to collect and then index business data that’s located all over the Internet. Using their specially designed web crawlers and advanced search algorithms they allow people searching for business to business information powerful tools that provide relevant and quick results.

Masterseek uses a unique points system to help aid a business owner when they’re doing their research, ranking corporate websites based on certain criteria like presentation and popularity. This is just another one of their excellent tools to help quickly and easily pinpoint the relevant and valuable information that searchers are looking for. It’s called MasterRank and it’s one of their most popular features. Read also another blog post B2B directory

Among some of the other features of this excellent social business network are;

  • A sophisticated indexing system with over 110 million businesses.
  • Search parameters using corporate names, brands, products, services, regions and much more.
  • Links to 346 million Twitter accounts for even faster results.
  • A listing of 10,000 brands, products and services.
  • Access to the top 16,000 Stock exchange listed corporations
  • A self-service advertising program with powerful marketing tools included
  • Inter-device connectivity between devices and browser platforms

The fact is, Masterseek is the largest, most powerful B2B search engine on the planet and, if you’re looking for business information on any business, anywhere in the world, there is no place on the Internet that’s better. Their global business search engine is hands-down the best online today. If you’re looking for business-to-business searches, there is no need to look any further. Follow link and learn more:
How to find Business Partners on Internet: Top 139 E-Commerce and B2B Marketplaces

Iron Planet – B2B auction for heavy equipment

From heavy construction, to miners, ranchers, and farmers; having the right equipment is the key to getting your job done. is the largest B2B auction site for heavy equipment. It does not matter what you are looking for, you will find quality used equipment from all your major manufacturers. With low cost transaction fees and a wide selection you can always find the right truck, skid, or crane that will fit your budget.

Iron Clad Assurance

Whether you are making a $200,000 investment, or $5,000 one, you need to make sure the equipment is ready to get the job done on delivery. With their Iron Clad Assurance, Iron Planet protects your investment every step of the way. Their team of certified inspectors conducts a thorough review of each vehicle. Each inspection is available for two weeks leading up to the auction. If after the sale, your new truck does not meet or exceed your expectations, Iron Planet will cover the cost of any repairs. Most auctions take place internationally, sight unseen. With the Iron Clad Assurance, you can always shop with confidence.

Huge Selection

With global auctions taking place daily, you can always find a number of choices for any type equipment. Covering North America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, Iron Planet has offerings wherever the job might take you. By breaking the auctions into three distinct zones, they help keep transportation costs low, while still providing access to the best equipment.

Best Choice For Sellers

Iron Planet provides sellers both a global marketplace in which to sell their equipment, and the hands-on customer support to make the process as painless as possible. By reaching out, an actively marketing your equipment to their world-wide clientele, Iron Planet I sure to deliver a successful sale, and get you top dollar every time.

Buy With Confidence

The secret to Iron Planet’s success is in their inspection reports. By employing a team of inspectors, who have years of heavy equipment experience, Iron Planet ensures that two similar vehicles have been inspected to the same exacting standards. Each report begins with equipment verification. Make, Model, and Serial Numbers are compared to manufacturer records to confirm dates and age. The report then breaks down all key components and systems to provide an accurate rating of the functional condition.

If the equipment is more than one year old, the inspector will likely also conduct laboratory testing of all major system fluids. The lab will check for metal wear and foreign contaminants.

Finally, the report provides 15-25 photographs of the vehicle. Even from thousands of miles away, you can comfortably invest in your new equipment, without worrying about surprises. The Iron Clad Assurance has got you covered.


Go4WorldBusiness – Global Business-to-Business Marketplace

Business-to-Business (B2B) basically describes the commerce transactions which take place between businesses. B2B usually takes place between wholesalers and retailers, or manufacturers and wholesalers. The number of transactions which take place between businesses are much more than those which take place between businesses and consumers, therefore it is said that the volume of B2B transactions is always higher than B2C transactions.

There are several B2B portals available today which enable businesses to conduct transactions with other businesses. is one of the commonly used B2B portals run by Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd. is basically a worldwide buyers community which provides all the basic B2B services to its members.

Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd has a history of helping small and medium sized enterprises in increasing their international businesses through B2B portals. The high-quality services have lead Wyzen Trade Network to expand and become one of the greatest sources of B2B transactions. The Wyzen Trade Network today is a collection of 114 trade portals which provide an extensive database of exporters, importers and trade leads. One of the most amazing features of these databases run by Wyzen Trade Network are that they are maintained regularly and updated on daily basis. There are three main types of memberships being offered by Wyzen Trade: Gold, Silver and Free. Each membership has its own features and perks. is the main trade portal and it has successfully provided a platform to businesses all over the globe where they can meet other business owners, and exchange goods and services. It is because of the Go4WorldBusiness B2B portal that businesses today have an opportunity to explore new markets and increase their business contacts in a very simple, inexpensive yet efficient manner.

The home page of Go4BusinessWorld displays all the latest buy requirements from businesses all over the world, hot products on the site, and the option of finding buyers and sellers from a huge variety of categories available. The other important tabs include those of Suppliers, Buyers, Products, Trade Leads and Buy Leads.

Go4BusinessWorld is a Global B2B Marketplace having more than 550,000 companies from 240 countries and more than 150,000 registered buyers. Currently there are more than 1800 product categories which list more than 285,000 products on the B2B portal. On average, there are approximately 30,000 business inquiries every week on


Retailers and Brands meet each other on – Ecommerce site for Fashion Wholesale

The fashion industry has taken a turn for the better in recent years and in this revolution, the contribution of NuOrder cannot be overlooked. NuORDER has brought a revolution in the fashion industry with its innovative and pioneering marketplace and two-way sales solution, which enable people to run their wholesale business on web-based platform. This e-commerce site puts a curb on the use of pen or paper, as the platform gives brands an opportunity to have better sales in relatively less time and helps retailers to kick off purchases more efficiently. In a few words, NuORDER is an ecommerce platform for wholesale.

An overview of NuOrder

Heath Wells together with Olivia Skuza laid down the foundation of NuORDER as a leading digital solution for wholesale businesses. At present, the leading fashion brands and more than 70,000 retailers across the world utilize this ground-breaking software and help them acquire assistance from a large-scale network of style icons and the kingmaker of venture entrepreneur.

A digital wholesale solution for all

With right retailers and best brands of the world on one platform, NuORDER can definitely take the fashion wholesale to a completely new level. Eliminating the use of pen and paper, all you need to have is an access to internet either on desktop or on mobile. As a B2B marketplace for the existing and new accounts, entire sales process can be performed online on NuORDER ranging from orders o product catalogues and custom line sheets to inventory. NuORDER adds to the effectiveness of sales by minimizing the mistakes on any order and lessening the time taken to accomplish all sales activity.  Independent research confirmed an increase of 17.6% in sales after a number of brands moved to NuORDER.

A hub of both retailers and brands

NuORDER is a 2-ways marketplace providing 1) retailers with a chance to look for right brands and 2) brands an opportunity to settle on right retailers. The foremost purpose of NuORDER Inc. behind launching an online trading portal was to enable retailer to find and buy right products and hundreds of accomplished suppliers just by looking at the images.

As of now, over 70,000 retailers and 200 brands use NuOrder for buying and selling. Not only this, the marketplace has until now processed sales of over 1.35 million products.

At NuORDER, both sellers and buyers are given the autonomy to share the information through web portal and apps. This will, in turn, help brand manufacturer identify the retailers in the quest of its products.

Mobile app to boost sales

NuORDER is one of a king when it comes to providing an enterprise ready platform that is feature-rich and flaunts an eye-popping fashion-forward interface. With the inception of NuORDER’s offline iPad app, retailers can place orders easily and brands can create custom line sheets and revise inventory quickly. The app has made it easy to conduct business anywhere and anytime. The technology works wonders for both large and small businesses, as its payment is accepted in any currency and help businesses put together back-of-house systems of users.