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The Small Biz online Marketplace

Kinnek is a company founded in 2012 that enables small companies to create an affordable yet efficient start-up plan. They also specialise in helping existing companies to improve their outdated supply and production chains by finding relevant products, quotes and suppliers in one organised place.

By helping business owners control more of their relevant market in one place, allows for more time spent researching purchases, merging with relevant suppliers, evaluating and negotiating quotes all in one easy to use system. This is a massive advantage for consumers because Kinnek gives small business owners greater freedom to pursue other areas of their business whilst they take care of the sourcing and contacting suppliers.

Kinnek’s speciality is sourcing customized equipment for specific needs from farming and machinery supplies to hospitality or food and beverage industries. With experience from multiple sectors they combine efficiency with knowledge, making sure small business never have to go through the complicated process of the long fruitless searches.

The small biz marketplace hardly seems small anymore with the trove of options Kinnek have to offer, with quotes from major supply chains coming back within 48 hours purchasing online. It has never been easier for both you and the consumer; it’s as simple as quote, compare, negotiate and close the deal. Keeping supplier relationships online keeps the power at your fingertips as well as keeping cost and time wastage to a minimum. The countless testimonials prove that the ease of use makes this a highly sought after service as many companies would not have had the time or financial support to have a specific team of purchasing managers for their company.

From wineries and breweries to granaries and many other industries Kinnek does all of the groundwork for small businesses to help them on their journey towards success. Kinnek are passionate about using technology to support small businesses. Kinnek has an abundance of ways to make business’ lives easier. Kinnek has worked with a host of small businesses, researching products, finding the most relevant suppliers, customising quotes for your business and negotiating with the suppliers.

Finding relevant suppliers and negotiating to get the best deal possible can be a challenging prospect for new businesses who could be investing their time in developing the best business possible. Kinnek uses technology to their advantage and is highly specialised in securing the suppliers, getting the quotes and negotiating the deals that will make your business a success.



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