Retailers and Brands meet each other on – Ecommerce site for Fashion Wholesale

The fashion industry has taken a turn for the better in recent years and in this revolution, the contribution of NuOrder cannot be overlooked. NuORDER has brought a revolution in the fashion industry with its innovative and pioneering marketplace and two-way sales solution, which enable people to run their wholesale business on web-based platform. This e-commerce site puts a curb on the use of pen or paper, as the platform gives brands an opportunity to have better sales in relatively less time and helps retailers to kick off purchases more efficiently. In a few words, NuORDER is an ecommerce platform for wholesale.

An overview of NuOrder

Heath Wells together with Olivia Skuza laid down the foundation of NuORDER as a leading digital solution for wholesale businesses. At present, the leading fashion brands and more than 70,000 retailers across the world utilize this ground-breaking software and help them acquire assistance from a large-scale network of style icons and the kingmaker of venture entrepreneur.

A digital wholesale solution for all

With right retailers and best brands of the world on one platform, NuORDER can definitely take the fashion wholesale to a completely new level. Eliminating the use of pen and paper, all you need to have is an access to internet either on desktop or on mobile. As a B2B marketplace for the existing and new accounts, entire sales process can be performed online on NuORDER ranging from orders o product catalogues and custom line sheets to inventory. NuORDER adds to the effectiveness of sales by minimizing the mistakes on any order and lessening the time taken to accomplish all sales activity.  Independent research confirmed an increase of 17.6% in sales after a number of brands moved to NuORDER.

A hub of both retailers and brands

NuORDER is a 2-ways marketplace providing 1) retailers with a chance to look for right brands and 2) brands an opportunity to settle on right retailers. The foremost purpose of NuORDER Inc. behind launching an online trading portal was to enable retailer to find and buy right products and hundreds of accomplished suppliers just by looking at the images.

As of now, over 70,000 retailers and 200 brands use NuOrder for buying and selling. Not only this, the marketplace has until now processed sales of over 1.35 million products.

At NuORDER, both sellers and buyers are given the autonomy to share the information through web portal and apps. This will, in turn, help brand manufacturer identify the retailers in the quest of its products.

Mobile app to boost sales

NuORDER is one of a king when it comes to providing an enterprise ready platform that is feature-rich and flaunts an eye-popping fashion-forward interface. With the inception of NuORDER’s offline iPad app, retailers can place orders easily and brands can create custom line sheets and revise inventory quickly. The app has made it easy to conduct business anywhere and anytime. The technology works wonders for both large and small businesses, as its payment is accepted in any currency and help businesses put together back-of-house systems of users.




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