Go4WorldBusiness – Global Business-to-Business Marketplace

Business-to-Business (B2B) basically describes the commerce transactions which take place between businesses. B2B usually takes place between wholesalers and retailers, or manufacturers and wholesalers. The number of transactions which take place between businesses are much more than those which take place between businesses and consumers, therefore it is said that the volume of B2B transactions is always higher than B2C transactions.

There are several B2B portals available today which enable businesses to conduct transactions with other businesses. Go4WorldBusiness.com is one of the commonly used B2B portals run by Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd. Go4WorldBusiness.com is basically a worldwide buyers community which provides all the basic B2B services to its members.

Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd has a history of helping small and medium sized enterprises in increasing their international businesses through B2B portals. The high-quality services have lead Wyzen Trade Network to expand and become one of the greatest sources of B2B transactions. The Wyzen Trade Network today is a collection of 114 trade portals which provide an extensive database of exporters, importers and trade leads. One of the most amazing features of these databases run by Wyzen Trade Network are that they are maintained regularly and updated on daily basis. There are three main types of memberships being offered by Wyzen Trade: Gold, Silver and Free. Each membership has its own features and perks.

Go4WorldBusiness.com is the main trade portal and it has successfully provided a platform to businesses all over the globe where they can meet other business owners, and exchange goods and services. It is because of the Go4WorldBusiness B2B portal that businesses today have an opportunity to explore new markets and increase their business contacts in a very simple, inexpensive yet efficient manner.

The home page of Go4BusinessWorld displays all the latest buy requirements from businesses all over the world, hot products on the site, and the option of finding buyers and sellers from a huge variety of categories available. The other important tabs include those of Suppliers, Buyers, Products, Trade Leads and Buy Leads.

Go4BusinessWorld is a Global B2B Marketplace having more than 550,000 companies from 240 countries and more than 150,000 registered buyers. Currently there are more than 1800 product categories which list more than 285,000 products on the B2B portal. On average, there are approximately 30,000 business inquiries every week on Go4BusinessWorld.com.


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