Online shopping made fun

Online shopping is a San Francisco-based company that opened for business in November of 2011. This online shopping concept was created by ContextLogic, an internet startup company. Peter Szulczewski, the company’s CEO, and Danny Zhang, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, are the company founders. is an e-commerce website that offers customers thousands of products to choose from, a wide range of product categories, incredibly low prices, and a new way to shop.

Online shopping
Colorful shopping experience

The most convenient way to shop is to install the mobile application (app) on your phone. You can find the app on the Apple and Android app stores, and also at Google Play. It is a great online shopping platform and has garnered over 500 million users which have resulted in tremendous growth for the company. With the app, you can connect with participating sellers, get discounts, find specific products, and stay on top of available offers and bargaining opportunities. The app is also a great go-between for buyers and sellers.

Wish has partnered with a very large number of major name brands, manufacturers, creators, craftsmen, artists, and retailers. These strong business relationships have resulted in the tremendous varieties of products and styles available to customers. The company’s customers find that the online marketplace is a fun and addictive experience resulting in repeat buying over the long term. A large majority of customers are repeat buyers all year round.

In addition to the colorful, multi-varied shopping experience,’s customer service is superb and answers requests promptly with the satisfying resolution of issues. They offer a great rewards program, and their daily offers give customers even deeper discounts. With, you are sure to receive what you ordered, and all credit card transactions are safe and secure. All merchandise ships from China, which means that shipping takes a bit longer, but the deep discounts and product variety are worth the wait.

Items available for purchase through the website and mobile app include makeup brushes, rings, bracelets, earrings, clothing for women, children, and men, children’s toys, popular electronic and digital devices, home decor, kitchen necessities, small appliances, gardening tools, automobile accessories, and so very more. The variety of products on are too numerous to list in this space but are easily viewed at the website and mobile app. If you are a skeptical consumer, there are lots of customer reviews to read on the app and website before you actually buy an item, so you know what you’re getting before you order it.

The colors, product options, great prices, styles, variety, and excellent visual merchandise displays make shopping more like entertainment than drudgery, an intensely satisfying experience.

There are too many online shopping sites to choose from, and more pop up on the internet every day. However, consumers who regularly purchase products online will be hard put to find the kind of discounts and variety of merchandise that they find on

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Rakuten – B2B2C e-commerce platform

Today, we live in the times when buying our favorite things – be it grocery, apparels or accessories is just a click away from us, thanks to the plenty of e-commerce sites available on the internet. However amidst all the e-commerce sites, there is definitely a site that is more than just an apparel or accessory store and is in fact a virtual shopping mall. The virtual shopping centre we are talking about here is Rakuten – the largest e-commerce site in Japan that tends to give a wonderful platform for creating numerous shopping options to both businessmen and customers spread across the globe.

The word Rakuten is a Japanese word which means “optimism” and staying true to its name this e-commerce website tries to imbibe the spirit of positivity in the minds and hearts of people associated with it. Rakuten is Japan’s largest and most innovative internet shopping mall that runs on the concept of B2B2C i.e. business to business to consumers. Basically, it provides a marketplace to thousands of stores, retailers and merchants dealing in various items which are based in different regions of Japan. It gives a wonderful platform to all merchants and dealers who wish to create their own shopping mall over the internet.

There is not an iota of doubt that setting up a real store is not a financially viable idea for every entrepreneur, however setting the virtual one is extremely easy and equally rewarding as setting up a store made of bricks and stones. However, a merchant desirous of setting up a virtual store is bound to encounter certain limitations due to lack of knowledge and accessibility to right kind of customers. Rakuten – the largest virtual shopping mall is a platform that tends to eliminate all the limitations and shortfalls faced by the merchants and grant them an opportunity of setting up a unique and rewarding marketplace.

Becoming a member of this virtual shopping mall is extremely easy and requires just a few non-cumbersome steps by the merchants after which they are free to trade their products exactly the way they like. The traders on Rakuten tend to make profits not just by saving on creating a physical store but also because of spectacular customer base of this website. Rakuten is the proud supplier of Japanese items and products and has happily served millions of customers spread around the world. It offers exciting loyalty programs and Rakuten super points to its customers and regular members thereby maintaining its enormous consumer base.

Rakuten closes symbolizes a global market where one can easily get the luxury cosmetic brands, apparels, sports gear and even colorful toys in a matter of few clicks from the internet. This e-commerce site is often dubbed as number 1 in Japan due to the extensiveness of the products it tends to offer to its customers. All in all, Rakuten is an internet shopping portal which tends to simplify the lives of millions of Japanese traders and is truly a heaven for the shopaholics around the world.


Sell your handmade products on DaWanda

From handmade patchwork quilts to handcrafted custom jewelry, DaWanda is one of the best marketplaces to buy and sell these types of one-of-a-kind products.  DaWanda is a digital marketplace that trades handmade unique products from professional artisans, artists, designers and individuals. With many different categories of products to choose from, this website is filled with some of the most unique boutique items available online.  From clothing to fashion accessories, and baby blankets to custom paintings and art sculptures, DaWanda offers homemade products to customers from all over the world.  It’s a great way to expand your business to a global market.

Registration to sell your handmade items is quick and very easy. Simply go to the DaWanda website and click on “Open a Shop”. Then start filling your online marketplace with as many of your unique, handcrafted items that you like. Upload colorful images to attract the attention of your buyers, and include the price of each item. You can edit or delete any of your store products at any time. More than 1000 designers are selling their inspiring and creative products on this marketplace.

When you get a sale, DaWanda will immediately notify you via email. It’s that easy! Registration is 100% free. You can begin making money instantly.  DaWanda only asks for a small 10% commission on each sale, and this will not include your shipping costs.  In return, they will manage and promote your business for you online. There are more than 280000 shops on DaWanda.

You will be notified of each sale with all of the necessary contact and delivery information for each individual customer.  You can even respond to customers with additional questions and promotional offers.  Build your contact list and take your business to the next level!  Selling handmade specialty products has never been easier than with DaWanda, your preferred online marketplace! Read more about marketplace for handmade and vintage Etsy





How to create an online store and start selling your own products with Shopify

The idea of the free market has never been as vast and expansive as it is now. In the modern age of technology and networking allowing buyers and sellers to interact at the touch of their fingers, compare prices and shop for specifics, the competitive market has never been stronger. This is why the best online shopping store to open your own market on the web today is Shopify.

When looking for a web based store that encompasses all of the best components of the market needs today, look no further than Shopify. This is especially important for those not just consumers looking to shop for specific products but more importantly those who have a product to sell. This is because so many people who are looking to market and sell their products should not be restricted of their ability to sell due to lack of start-up capital for a brick-and-mortar store or the permits required for it.

Shopify is an advanced market platform to open an online store because of the simplicity it provides in being able to sell products to the masses. By simply opening up a store and allowing merchants to customize their shops any way they want through the use of hundreds of web store templates and designs, Shopify puts the power and control of generating e commerce in the merchant’s hands. What makes the ability to sell online even easier for both the online store owner and the consumer is the applications that Shopify has to use mobile devices like cellphones and laptops to access the marketplace.

For anyone looking to start up an online store through Shopify but is fearing the commitment it takes to run the market, there’s good news. Shopify allows anyone who starts a marketplace profile to use the site free of charge for a 14 day trial. In this time merchants can see how their shop is received and become familiar with the advertising and order filling process so they can decide whether or not they want to move forward with operating this top of the line online store for a minimal operations fee.

To date, there are over 120,000 different merchants who run businesses online with the help of Shopify. This is because Shopify owns a state-of-the-art point of sales system that can function off of an iPad. This means that while many merchants are running an online store, they are also running smaller pop-up shops or physical stores in which people can check out with them over the mobile POS and thus generate income both ways for the store owner.

If you’ve been considering looking for a new way to market your product in a user friendly online store look no further than Shopify. Its reliability and mobile applications leave both the merchant and consumer sides of the operation satisfied. With Shopify it has never been easier to shop online.