Business etiquette around the world

If you’re interested in doing business on a world scale it’s vital that you educate yourself as well as you can about the different business cultures that you’re going to encounter in any country that you hope to do business with. The fact is, even though you hear people talking about how “small” the world has become, the differences in business etiquette from one country to another can still be very large and the problems you encounter very acute.

Business etiquette
Business culture around the world.

One website that is helping people around the world to overcome these cultural business barriers is World Business Culture. The World Business Culture (WBC) website has in-depth information on the business cultures of 39 of the world’s largest countries, economically speaking, as well as a wealth of references, books and other material that will help someone interested in selling their goods or services in another country.

On the WBC website you’ll find a profile for all 39 of these countries as well as a wide range of topics that are relevant to the way they do business and, maybe more importantly, the way they don’t do business. This isn’t just random material that was slapped together but keenly insightful and informative information that was put together by experts with many years of practical experience in a myriad of international affairs.

For example, if a person was interested in doing business in China the WBC website would inform them that, although China has experienced 10 years of phenomenal growth, they are also deeply rooted in tradition, especially when it comes to the way they do business. Even as they open their doors to the West and adopt some of their policies and procedures to appear more “Western like”, trying to deal with them from an outsider’s point of view can be especially difficult.

India is similar in some ways and, while they are certainly opening up their country to foreign investments, some areas of the country, at least business-wise, still have very strong barriers for entry that probably won’t be coming down anytime soon. Besides that, India’s government and banking systems are extremely complex and hard to understand even by people within those industries. Like China there are many cultural obstacles that must be overcome, including a business etiquette that has been framed over millennia and what can only be described as a very complex system of business communication.

Lest you think that doing business with the United States is easy, or at least easier than China or India, the fact is that breaking into the US market is quite challenging and being accepted the same. Where in China and India a person’s personal life is valued and not to be intruded upon, in the United States you can be sure that they will expect you to be on call 24/7. Also, speaking English, while helpful, doesn’t exactly give you any type of “extra credit” in the States.

All of which makes the World Business Culture website all the more relevant and valuable for anyone who’s keen on breaking into a country outside of their own. If that happens to be you, it would definitely be recommend that you bookmark the WBC website because, in all likelihood, you’re going to be referring back to it on a regular and ongoing basis.


Italian fashion wholesale B2B marketplace

Italian fashion wholesale B2B marketplace

Anyone in the fashion industry knows that, when you’re looking for the best in textiles and fashion, Italy is the place to go. In Italy however they know something more; that Italian Moda is the very best fashion wholesale B2B marketplace in the country, with the best in wholesale fashions and textiles that are “Made in Italy”.

Italian fashion wholesale B2B marketplace
B2B marketplace of Italian factories and brands of clothing, shoes, bags,  accessories and jewels Made in Italy.

First and foremost Italian Moda is hands-down the best website for finding suppliers of practically anything that you might need as far as fashion, home goods, textiles and accessories.  They have fabulous textiles and the latest in clothing trends but they also can help you find suppliers for home textiles including bath linens and curtains, fabrics that you can use in your apparel designs and furnishings, a wide range of jewelry including pearls, gold and costume jewelry and an even better assortment of leather goods from belts to handbags and leather supplies.

Finding a supplier is really easy using the Moda Advisor Wizard. You simply input what you’re looking for and you’ll get a customized search that will lead you to wholesalers, private label and even agents.

Even better, Italian Moda can help you to become a distributor or set up your own franchise. If you’re keen on representing an Italian company for your “brick-and-mortar” or online store, they have all the details and can help you contact companies, find online catalogs and even find wholesale suppliers for anything that you can imagine.

Most people have many questions before they decide to become a distributor or franchisor for any company and Italian Moda know this. That’s why they have their Showrooms online to help you look at background profiles, target markets and the product range of any company that they represent. They also give you the information you need to get in touch with these companies using an easy contact form as well as an information request form that they have online.

Looking for products that you can sell in your online store at a bargain? No problem at all with Moda Bargains. You can take a look at a huge inventory of discounted stock lots right on their website and start your store at bargain basement prices with some of the best designs that Italy has offer.

Last but not least this fashion wholesale B2B marketplace offers you a wide variety of videos from Italian fashion companies so that you can easily find and select products as well as contact these companies too. Once you’re a member all of this information is free to use at any time you like.

If you’ve always imagined selling quality Italian fashion products, home goods and accessories in your brick-and-mortar or online store, there’s just no beating Italian Moda. Do yourself a favor and visit the fashion wholesale B2B marketplace today to get an eyeful of their wide variety of fabulous Italian Made products.

Key to your international business

What’s a key to your successful business? It’s a B2B marketplace Tradekey of course.

Key to business
Your key to new business around the globe

B2B stands for business to business and marketplace is where they go to meet and do business with one another. The key is to have a place that is easy to use, have plenty of contacts and secure. All of those things can be found in one place and it happens to be the largest in the world. It is called and it was established in 2005 and they boast of a membership roll that numbers over 5.7 million members worldwide.

When you first arrive at B2B marketplace Tradekey you are greeted by a very well laid out website that is not covered with clutter. The next thing you will not about their home page, no ads. I don’t know about you, but I get annoyed when a website seems to have more ads than anything.

Once you had a look around, you can get down to business and find someone to do business with. Whether you are a buyer and in need of some specific goods or a seller in search of some prospective buyers from another part of the world. Your business will be exposed to their global network of businesses from more than 220 countries.

To get started you need to become a member and the good part is, it is free to sign up. As a free member you get access to everything the site has to offer. If you are looking for a greater amount of exposure for your business you can upgrade your membership to one of the three higher levels; Silver Key, Gold Key and Gold Key Plus.The following is a short breakdown of the additional benefits of each of the higher levels:

Silverkey Membership: Your business is exposed to 500% more buyers than a free member. You can list 15 products, receive 200 sell offers and 300 buy offers. Unlimited access to the buyer’s directory. Your own mini website, fax service and a virtual office for your business. Your business will be listed higher in’s listing.  More Trustpoints. Marketing on Search engines like Google and Yahoo.Goldkey Membership. 3000% exposure to buyers. Priority listing in buyer searches. Unlimited access to Buyers Directory .Ability to advertise with Tradekey, 10 product listings and 300 sell offers. Receive up to 3000 Trustpoints.  Use of fax services. Search engine marketing using Google and Yahoo …etc.

Goldkey Plus Membership: Your own product based website, video, brochures and certificate posting. 10 Products, 300 sell offers and 500 buy offers. 12 week keyword ranked on Tradekey. Advertising with Tradekey and large banner ad 1 week. Optimized on Search engines. More search engine marketing. More buyer inquiries. You will have a dedicated relationship manager. As you can see this B2B marketplce offers so many great benefits to all of it members, no matter which membership level you choose.

The goal of the is to provide its members all over the world a place to get their business and products in front of prospective buyers. They do this by maintaining an extensive directory and outstanding marketing services. If you are looking to expand your business connections and finding new buyers all over the world, than you need to check out this B2B marketplace . You will not be disappointed.