B2B Marketplace Achilles

As the term suggests, business-to-business or B2B involves transactions between businesses for purposes such as the sourcing and supplying of materials for production. One such B2B platform is Achilles, a B2B marketplace. With a niche in providing supplier information and supply chain management, Achilles is focused on leveraging cloud-based technology and industry expertise in generating and managing collaborative communities across a global front.

A key player in the B2B sector, Achilles was founded in Norway and to date has developed a global network spanning an impressive 40 communities across 11 industry sectors. These include approximately 860 frontrunners in the buying organisation and over a 100000 major suppliers. Among these organisations, Achilles boasts a clientele comprising renowned companies including but not limited to Maersk, Shell, Chevron, Halliburton, Aston Martin, Exxon Mobil and ABB. Naturally, the confidence placed by these companies in engaging in the services of Achilles is indicative of the business value that Achilles is capable of adding to the supply chain management process through its work.

Strongly invested in harnessing the potential of global networks, Achilles provides essential services both to buyers and suppliers. With an extensive global reach, their communities encompass large individual enterprises to other industry-wide communities of buyers and suppliers. Within such a diversified community, Achilles offers a standardised process for verification and data gathering by overseeing the risk management process. This provides great ease of business transaction to its members with the effectual decrease in risk management issues that need to be handled on their end. Buyers and suppliers are also incurred with a significant reduction in compliance cost through the services provided by Achilles. This in turn allows them to undertake fresh trading opportunities without the restrain of geographic locations and different industry sectors.

More specifically, Achilles runs a SaaS-based system which assist buyers and suppliers in managing compliance, risk and performance. This platform accords the buyers and suppliers with the convenience of conducting transactions smoothly, with the critical aspects taken care of by Achilles. With its extensive presence in the B2B marketplace, Achilles also maintains the necessary expertise to aid its community members in various industry sectors. Any issues arising from risk and compliance at the multiple stages of procurement can also be referred to Achilles, which will adeptly undertake the measures required for a hassle-free resolution.

With compliance being an important aspect of the supply chain process, Achilles adds value and ease to the process by providing assistance pertaining to matters of data gathering and compilation. Seeing as it is insufficient for businesses to merely acquire information, Achilles provides continuous support through its ability to update, verify and audit data, thus ensuring that businesses are equipped with timely and accurate data in the long run. With more than a thousand employees in 22 countries making up the efficient team at Achilles, buyers and suppliers are assured of constant and immediate local support.

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