Ariba – World’s Business Commerce Network

Ariba is an information technology company that provides commerce services to businesses that are key in helping them achieve success. It does this through a variety of measures, including assisting with procurement, sourcing, suppliers, business networks, and commerce services. In short, Ariba helps businesses do better business.

Ariba was founded in 1996 as a way to streamline the procurement process using what was then a new tool for business—the internet. Procurement had traditionally been paper-based, inefficient, and extremely labor-intensive. Ariba changed this by offering a suite of software services that improved sourcing and procurement as a business-to-business internet company. Since 1996 it has grown to offer even more commerce services—now 94 of the Fortune 100 and more than 200,000 other companies use Ariba’s SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to manage their spending and commerce activities.

Business networks are invaluable. The more an enterprise is networked, the more sales it has, leading to higher profit margins. Ariba helps this networking process by providing a suite of SaaS services, including spend analysis, procurement, contract management, supplier management, invoice management, and discount management. It keeps your business in touch with every step of the process while improving your bottom line.

With its accounts payable software, delivered as a scalable subscription service, you can pay for only the commerce services you need. It ensures invoice accuracy, improves cash flow, and cuts paper as well as costs. The most important benefit is that of increased connection to other businesses and your suppliers. Your suppliers will be paid the right amount at the right time, increasing their confidence in your business, and your business’s reputation.

Along with ensuring the happiness of your suppliers, Ariba can help your business in the sourcing of new vendors, as well as the procurement of new customers and markets. With the overwhelming amount of information out there, Ariba gives your business more effective ways to target the appropriate audience, engage the audience with your internet presence and social media, and generate quality leads that bring more business your way.

Ariba Discovery connects you with buyers who post their sourcing needs—as soon as they post a sourcing need that your business is able to supply, you receive an email, to which you can respond immediately, leading to new business. Ariba’s supplier marketing programs advertise your business’s specialty, leading to more exposure to a wider audience, including industry events. The Ariba Supplier Membership Program tailors its services to the transaction volume between you and your customers, improving your customer retention rates by enabling you to collaborate with your customers more efficiently.

With such a wide variety of commerce services and programs, as well as the ability to tailor those

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